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“Mesa” is a collection of multipurpose furniture pieces, each meticulously carved from a single solid block of material. These blocks are originally rectangular modules which undergo a precise cut along an oblique straight line, resulting in two distinct pieces with one sliding over the other. This results in an object with a dynamic quality which still retains the inherent simplicity and minimalist essence of the original block.

The name of the collection “Mesa” refers to a flat and elevated land area characterized by its table-like appearance. The term originates from the Spanish word “mesa” which litterally translates to “table”.

Each piece within the collection is handcrafted locally, with materials sourced from either marble or high-quality lumber wood. Variations around these materials are available upon request.

MA_01 serves as both a coffee table and a stool. The subtle shift between the two components of the block gives it a sculptural attribute, making it an eye-catching statement piece.

MA_02 functions as a low table. While the upper piece features a regular tabletop surface, here, the more pronounced shift between the two block parts creates a gently recessed and tilted platform, ideal for holding books and magazines.

MA_03 transforms into a bench. The strategic cuts within the block generate small sections which, when pushed upwards, serve as armrests or as an elevated seating spot.

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